Saturday, July 4, 2015

the 4th

 Bats probably don't like fireworks.
I was asked to do this bar design with the 25.4mm clamp. My hand knurler did a good job on the larger size. Lots of welding for a handlebar.

Friday, July 3, 2015

 New flat white color, looks like egg shell up close.
 I've amassed about 60 powder colors. Just ask for a hue and I've probably got it.
 Re-coated Jackson's T1 frame with a Maroon/fine flake and a clear coat. Should be much tougher than the clear that had been on it.
 Been a while since a DJ frame has gone out. This one has a 44mm inset headtube (for a tapered steerer) and a 1.75" downtube.
I will take some time to make some "stock" DJ frames with some Stout stay braces. Those will have my geometry: 69 HA, 74 SA, 15" CS, 25mm BB drop. I'll also have some 3" and 4" rise bars going (3* up and 7* back four piece bars).

We got just enough rain to ruin the weekend. I've been skunked the last three times that I tried to ride dirt or skateparks by ill timed showers. I'm going sand riding or taking a trip to Austin as soon as possible.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fat fork finished

For anyone that hasn't ridden a fatbike: It is much like riding a suspended bike. At 7-10 PSI, the tires soak up roots as well as any FS bike, and they float on top of sand, mud and snow. They don't accelerate as quickly, and taking quick/last second turns is tougher than on smaller tires. But the ability to ride up and down sandy/muddy banks and through swamp trails is a huge benefit.

these Origin8 4" tires float pretty well, and have 120 TPI (the best thread count available) but I am curious about the larger ones. I might try some 4.8"s in the future.

'spension corrected 24ork

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


When the beaches on the creek haven't had foot traffic they are hard packed enough to get rad. There are usually natural berms, banks and step downs. I need to make some tougher forks because there was a 15 foot gap step down and I couldn't trust the light weight supertherm fork that I built. They are more than strong for normal riding but the possibility of hitting a soft spot of sand after a big gap attempt had me a bit cautious... Anyway, a good excuse to make a fatbike dirtjump fork.
 This is the first fork that I've made with offset legs (I would usually just adjust the dropout offset on jumper forks). They are 1.5* offset from the steerer and have clearance for a bigger tire than the last fork. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015