Saturday, June 23, 2018

The new 24". This one has a .25" longer top tube and a .25" shorter chainstay than my previous 24". I have yet to remove the half-link (to shorten the CS distance) and also round up a brake lever. I'll probably make a railed seatpost because the pivotal seat/seatposts are rigid, uncomfortable garbage. I might as well sit on the tire...

Not that I'll be riding seriously anytime soon. I might have torn my ACL this weekend while trying to learn tricks on an airbag. Old Eddie Fiola landed on his head several times trying backflips yet I'm the one hobbling away for trying tricks that I should learn on a wedge flyout. That's always the way it is though.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

 Race frame with beefy seat tube. Full Supertherm and 1.25" long drops for those race tensioners.

 Whats that?
One of those of course... Spokeshave that is. Weird old woodworking stone tools (8000-9000 BP)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Como se dice: Dialed? Big 22mm stays, 83mm wide BB, 31.9mm post, 23" top tube, .7"/18mm BB rise

 Won't be coating anything for a week, as the humidity is 200%. I coated Brian's fork this weekend and it was a chore fighting the humidity. Usually, forks are the easiest as they don't have tight little acute angles where the Faraday cage effect has the worst influence. Powder usually avoids the areas between the seat stay/seat tube and the tight areas of the headtube junction.

I think I'll do this color for the 24:

Monday, June 11, 2018

Steve's OS20 23" top tube

16" chainstays
I got to ride the cool guys' spot in Houston last weekend. They are the biggest jumps that I've ridden while on the rigid bike. BMX bikes/cruisers are much less forgiving than suspended DJ bikes, especially when learning new jumps.

Friday, June 8, 2018


23" top tube, 7/8" BB rise, 73.5* HA 72* SA,
 335mm axle to crown fork
 Weird: I had to scrap a few "S" bend attempts until I got one that hit the brake bosses and met the seat tube at the intended angle.

 I did find some 1.25" Supertherm to use for Bruce's seat tube: 20" race/dirt frame (27.2mm post)