Friday, February 23, 2018

spokes for the 24" came in. Just have to track down some rim strips to have the wheels all together. I'll try to get going on that frame this weekend.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

weather or not

I powdercoat on a mostly covered porch (I use the archway/opening to dispose of waste powder), but I'm still at the mercy of the weather. Next Monday looks like the day to get as many of the 20+ things coated as possible... but I can never trust the apps 100%
 Mindless work: remove surface rust

A way of ovalizing a bent tube: Smoosh the smaller 19mm bent tube against the 22mm die. Smoosh and repeat along the bend. This gives loads more welding space on the BB (brings it in further from the edge of the BB, which can warp easily if too close). But it is mostly to give more tire and chainring clearance.

 The bend has been squished to ~16mm nominal dimension.

I plan on offering a few complete bikes within the next six months (even if it is just to show off a stock frame model): tapered and straight steerer options:

The new straight steerer fork options have been reduced to the Circus or the custom Fox forks. Marzocchi has been liquidated and RS has discontinued the Argyle.

I have these Argyle, NOS '08 DJ1s and the new straight steerer DJ1s (still boxed up) for sale or available to build up as a complete bike. I am currently buying aftermarket parts (ProfileRacing USA) to build a few completes that should cost ~$1400-1800 to anyone interested. The parts are all much better than what you'd find on any big name complete (big names always cut costs with crappy wheels, stem and bars). My buddy John has the newest $1600 Special-ed P3 pro and has broken the wheels and cranks at a small skatepark... so I know that I can do better. 

And obviously with the Circus being the best option for budget forks, I might be able to get the price down to ~$1500 with a tapered headtube/steerer. I'll have to tally up all the parts.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


I put a yellow filter on these in the phone and yet it didn't take for some reason. These are greener than they appear here.
I saved them to Facebook and then to the computer. This is closer to reality:

The clear 7" bars fell off the cooling rack so they've gotta get stripped and re-coated. I was surprisingly calm about the situation (not at all) and promptly destroyed a few worktops with a wrench... and I did probably wake the neighbors.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

 Another of the Paul's Blue Ball clamps will go on Landry's 20"
 The two 7"s going to sunny England should be in queue for coating tomorrow. I've got ~15 things waiting to get coats.
 curved caps on Landry's new one

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

 Many of the parts for Thomas's 24" have come in. Waiting on brakes, a chainring and spokes. This thing is going to be sharp.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

3 and 4.8"s for Sale

 I'll be making runs of things like this in the near future. These two are for sale: 3* up, 11* Back, 30.5" wide. 3" or 4.8" rise. $85 and shipping