Tuesday, August 22, 2017

 I don't like how much time they take, but the wishbone chainstays do look cool. 
Kid bike BBs
 4.5" 31.8s and some 8.5"s

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Aarons 26" and some old sketches

83mm Spanish BB and internally machined headtube. Almost dirt geo but a slightly higher BB for a smaller rider and more street bike feel. I personally like the lower BB for everything but I'm on the tall side. Some short people have said they dislike the "in the bike" feeling associated with a lower BB.

I am looking for a new action cam and noticed a few that look like the ones that I drew, back before action cams or even tablets/smart phones had existed. The word in ID school was that everything would revolve around tablet computers. 

My idea had been a small camera that worked in conjunction with a small tablet computer of some kind. I wanted to see a rugged waterproof screen/tablet with which you could review footage in the field.

 These are a few of the ideation sketches that I found without digging too much. I'll dig out my presentation sketch later.

Now that both of these technologies exist, I'd rather have a compact gimbal (stabilizer) and camera system that can be uploaded to a really user friendly phone app. Or maybe a gimbal for a smaller smart phone.

Also, the helmet mount is my favorite view, so maybe a helmet with a dedicated mold for a system. I have wondered why GoPro never got into helmet design, given that their product has been mounted to so many.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

August eleventeenth

Lots of stuff waiting for a melted plastic coat. The humidity on the porch has been waaay too high. We had one day of dry air last week.
One of 2 20's waiting on 7/8" chainstay tubing.
2" riser needs a crossbar

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

6.5" race bars

OS20 frame and fork waiting on a reamer.
 3.5" 31.8"s
A pile of metal freezer doors that were just malleable enough to make a perfect transition; 5X15' stepdown to a grass bank. Sam Houston has the best street riding_ its a ghost town of a college campus when school is out. Too bad its always a solo run. Everyone else is broke off, burnt out or far away.
I've been intent on bringing the DH bike out there again but I think I need stiffer fork springs for the stair gaps. Those old FSA cranks are creaking so they'll have to go as well.