Tuesday, March 31, 2020

ready to go if Paul likes them. Rain is coming soon so I should get some serious work in on the frames and more bars

Thursday, March 26, 2020

The "Pocyclypse"

The 2.5" and 4" are welded and ready to coat or ship.
I'll squeeze in a resto-mod of an old Brooklyn DH frame's chainstay in the next few weeks. I'd do it now but the bearing clamp thing is 2.3" diameter and 2.5mm thick_ an odd size. So I'll have to order a foot of that stuff. The current CS is so badly cracked that a new design is necessary. My initial design had a cool complex curve to that upper tube but the chain clearance is apparently really tight on those jack-shaft bikes. So straight tubes with a little "S" bend for sprocket clearance will be the answer. 
 Myself and a few others at the factory got an all expense paid trip to Michigan for CNC maintenance training. I'd never seen lake Michigan before and the surrounding areas could be wicked on a sand bike, though I didn't see any actual bike trails. What look like little mountainous regions are really just sand dunes, so single track is probably non existent on the cool looking lake/coast.

Back here in Texas, things are as crazy as everywhere else. The local petro-chemical dependent economy is quickly tanking, people are hoarding toilet paper, snakes are tying themselves in knots etc. But hopefully the 86* F weather will keep the current pandemic at bay (or swamp)

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

I've been making bars for months now, and I'm almost back to making frames. There is a pile of stuff to powdercoat and pretty good weather for it_ It's outsource work though so it'll be a few weeks until I show anything Stout brand.

The old hardtail has been hanging on the wall (for a few years now) since I re-coated it a metallic purple. Wasn't a fan of the color until I got the itch to build it up again. It felt sluggish with the DH tire on it, which was weird, as I'd always ridden this bike with one. But it rides great now with a Holy roller. I was doing gap to wall rides on it (with the DH tire) so it should be a decent "run what you brung" does-everything bike. The 6" bars do feel weird at the skatepark but the bike felt terrible with lower bars (even 4.5" felt way too low for my current preference). I think ~5.5" would be best but I don't have time to make more personal stuff for a while.

Monday, August 26, 2019

 About as high as I can get on the silver 26", at least while its super hot/humid. I'll try the orange 24" to see if I can get more pop.

31.8mm bars, anthills' lizards, designing weird machines and fixing old ass bikes

The 3" bars took some time, but I've been wanting to do them this way for a few years. Kind of a 5-piece bar

Emmet's ridiculous bars...
Indexing machine that I got to design at the main job.

Look at all those blue jeans... I don't even own a pair of jeans. HA!

I've always hated half brakeless. Just pick one ya idiot.
The neighbor's bike: I shortened that stem by a good 3" (77m) and welded the cap parts. It used to have a big stupid plastic part that disappeared somewhere along the way.