Thursday, January 19, 2017

 I'm building another street bike for my father (his will be geared). While shopping for parts I came across some 35mm wide (650b) Velocity Blunt wheels that I was too curious about. I took them for a two hour, full speed run on my greenbelt path/trails. The rolling resistance didn't seem to change but the cornering squirm that I used to get with my 25mm wide rims was eliminated. This is my version of a cyclocross bike
 Hope this purple is dark enough. I can usually put a second coat on to darken them up.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

 3"s and a 22" wheeler fork
Dom's weird oldschool stuff
 Finally got around to finishing my sand bike's bars (making holes and powdercoating). They're 7"s  yet sit only slightly above seat height. The leverage with these is way better than the 3.5"s that I initially had (jacked up with spacers).

Friday, January 6, 2017

8.25,7,4 and 3.25"s

I've been really sick the past week and could't get much done. Bill's frame and these bars are waiting for coat jobs

 Don't use an alcoholic based cleaner on your powdercoated bike parts when its cold (mid 50s or colder). The clears and translucent colors will shatter instantly and obviously. The opaque colors, that haven't been cleared, probably do as well but are less noticeable. This is the only part that I've had bounce back to me, but I have had experience with this problem when doing multiple coats (and cleaning with denatured alcohol) during winter time.