Friday, November 29, 2013

Steves 22

I'ver done so many low standover (6.5-7.5") frames lately that a normal 8.5-9" looks weird to me.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


is hard to photograph. Looks too muted inside and a bit too florescent outside. The actual color is about the same a tennis ball.

Monday, November 25, 2013


the Redbull urban rythm/jam (BMX demo) in Houston was nuts. They chose last Friday night while it was forty degrees and spitting rain out, but they managed to get it done... All for the sake of having fun and showing off. Bezanson was killing it on the vert wall / 22ft tall building


Benton got his big street 26 all built up. The geometry should be a little slacker and higher with the taller fork- 69.5 HA, +4mm BB height in static position.

Frame: Stout custom 24"TT, 71 HA, 74 SA, -5mm BB, 4.6" Integrated HT, 14.5" CS, LHD 23t clearance, 110mm rear spacing, 73mm MID BB, no mounts, integrated seat clamp, integrated tensioners Fork: 2013 Manitou Circus 130mm
Bars: NS District
Grips: Cult
Stem: Fit S4
Headset: Revenge 45/45
Seat: Profile Mulville
Seat Post: Deco
BB: Profile MID
Cranks: 170mm Spline Drive
Sprocket: 23T Profile Spline Drive
Pedals: Demolition Trooper
Front Hub: Profile MTB 20mm
Front Rim: NS Fundamental
Front Tire: Maxxis Holy roller 2.4"
Rear Hub: Profile BMX 10t LHD
Rear Rim: NS Fundamental
Rear Tire: Resist Nomad 2.25"

Friday, November 22, 2013

goofy little BMX

This frame will require this little special cable hanger to clear the back side of the seat tube 

I was instructed not to put housing mounts of any kind and that "he would be modifying it himself", but I doubt he'd weld an insert all the way through. Drilling a hole through the seat tube (below the top tube) would be a huge stress riser if not done properly- lots of twisting forces and tension in that spot. I had initially planned on using an adjuster screw, but I placed the hole too far down for it to work. The housing fits really snug in there and it should work well irregartless. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

 The AM Stout/Kona feels about 10lbs heavier than the SS hardtail. I don't think I'll be riding this pig at my local trails too much... at least not with the 2.7 DH tires.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some tight clearances 
Finally got around to trying the Faction 22 tire. I was a little worried about the folding Kevlar bead, but its a really solid tire. Faction warns that one should always use baby powder, between the tube and tire, to prevent blow-offs. 

Gotta find a few more parts but shes almost back together. I had forgotten how long the rear ends of these frames were: 18" chainstays. The slope frame I made has 15.7" stays.

Monday, November 4, 2013

nother weekend fully project

I had some 83mm Spanish BBs made for frames with super short chainstays. I have 83mm Euros on a few of my bikes and they work out fine with a 6" Profile spindle. I also just got some butted (27.2mm post) seat tubes which will work with frames that have a higher standover-12- 14" center to center
This shorter integrated HT cut off 25mm of stack height.

Dragged the old Kona out and learned a few things by reverse engineering the pivot points. The old front triangle was due for a catastrophic failure... this one should last longer than the rest of its parts. A few improvements over the original are a 1.2mm thick, heat treated down tube, a 31.6mm post size (for my current dropper) and a lower stack height achieved with the integrated headtube.