Friday, March 25, 2016

better pics

Got all of the parts on it (that I am supplying). A Brooks saddle will replace the loner.  Wayne is a wood worker so it'll likely get a better looking platform than the one I made.

nature's sand pumptrack is best hours after a rain. Over by the water's edge is some phone killing quicksand. 
The 12X142mm dropouts that I have yet to use

Friday, March 11, 2016

26 commuter

 Anthills jam is coming up, I've been wasting time out there. Emmett jumps the big line that's been steepened significantly. The 2nd jump is hairy big and I'll try to get video.  

This will have a wood deck on the book rack. Can't wait to build it out. Due to materials on order, Iv'e a few other projects going on at the same time.

I'm building up this complete bike and hopefully Wayne doesn't hate all of the components that I chose. We're going for a lower budget (~$650 in parts that we aren't making). I didn't know how impossible it is to find decent bolt-on (complete) wheels. So I'll be building the front wheel. 

This one is getting a rack... debating whether to make it modular or completely rigid/welded. Going for a design that hasn't been done, or at least isn't anywhere on Google images.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

i'll try to get close ups of the bars in daylight. The mirror clear makes it difficult to capture, but these have a lot of blues and greens in the patina because I stained and coated them immediately. When you wait a few hours or days to powdercoat them, the patina is much more red and orange.

That little peg cut-out made life suck today. I've ridden a low offset fork and I'm glad I hated it because I might be convinced to make several of them. There are easier designs to work around but they'd require a different dropout, not just a whittled down one.