Saturday, September 28, 2013


Sometimes I make a standover that is too tall or something and I end up with aborted front triangles laying around. I decided to experiment with rectangle tubing as a yoke/monostay.

Rectangular tubes are much easier to work with than round tubes: No tube blocks required for hole saw notching, and the stay miter is a flat cut. That little tube insert is for looks but it probably helps stiffen up the mono-stay a little too. This type of stay would work well with removable chainstay brakes as the square tube is low profile and doesn't present any clearance issues (like a 1.5" round mono-stay does)

This is a trails 22" wheeler that will be for sale once I get around to coating it. Here are the numbers:

 21" TT
74.25* HA
13.75" CS
68mm Mid BB
Straight gauge DT/ Supertherm TT
12.6-12.9" BB height (+1.55")

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Benton's huge street 26"

This ones got a steep SA and a super long TT because tall people don't belong on a one-size-fits all frame... Not that there are any left hand drive specific, 110mm spacing, stock frames out there anyway

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the different machined headtube types that I've got at the moment: 

tapered external, 44mm inset, long taper 4.6" 45/45* BMX, one-off 5.3" integrated HT, short taper 6.3" 45/45*, short taper 5.3", internal machined  4.6" 45/45*

 New smaller dropouts vs. old peg capable dropouts