Sunday, January 24, 2016

the Aluminium inserts are knurled to give the surface bite into the powdercoat once the bars are coated. I had these 6" rise rough prototype bars laying around and decided they'd be about perfect for a rigid big bike. Most commuter bikes just have low rise bars with a jacked up/spacer-ed stem.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

bouncing around

 Working on a truss fork design for commuter bikes... probably a few weeks out on this one.

 Some new Schwalbe 2.4s for a 650b cruiser/ city bike all around bad ass bike. The actual diameter is 28.25" on these. I'll eventually get some decent wheels for these but its hard to tell which is the best rim option as I'm new to the size. I'll probably just get some Mavic 729s because they'll last forever.

 Shorter 4.5" headtube as requested

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

OS20, the ~21.3" tire Size and You

Very nearly the same sized rim/wheel as the 22", the (OverSized)20 is a BMX race specific size. I have seen very few (OS20 wheel-specific) options of frame and fork despite the wheel's introduction almost four years ago. BMX doesn't seem to embrace new tire sizes and standards with the pace that the MTB industry does.

Here is my first OS20 fork, with a .5" lower (than 22") axle to crown, inward angled legs and a 7005 steertube insert.