Saturday, July 30, 2011

Second impression: I have seen that this design (unified rear triangle w/ low pivot) has been all but abandoned  in the world of XC and AM mountain biking. This was apparently due to the inefficient pedal bob associated with the pivot placement. However, for a stiff, aggressive trail and (single speed!) jumping machine I think it might be a winner. I cranked the 750lbs spring down a ways and had a few millimeters of sag at most. I managed to shoot through most of the travel on some larger drops at the trails but never actually bottomed out. Strangely, I can manual the thing as well as any hardtail I've owned (despite 15.8" CS length and -22mm BB height). It isn't quite as forgiving as a 7" trailbike but it definitely inspired more confidence on the hucking trails and made them fun again. I am probably a few more prototypes away from considering selling these to a stranger...

Stout Fully SS: 68.5 HA, 15.7" CS, 12.4" BB height, Effective TT ~23.25", Travel ~3.25"

First impression: fucking awesome. It rides pretty long and will make and excellent trail/slope frame once I get any bugs out. It is pretty heavy with that crappy spring shock. I will be riding this at the trails tomorrow... fingers crossed.

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