Monday, August 6, 2012

16" Pitbikes

The AC in the studio lost power during the last thundestorm, hopefully it gets fixed tomorrow so I can get back to finishing up these 16s. It's pretty frustrating/counterproductive when its hot and humid in a welding situation... particularly welding in between the thin tubing seat stays.

 Trans light sparkle blue
These are going to be a little heavier than the 20" mini racers because of the .89mm tubing used throughout. The minis are mostly .7mm tubes.

Got back on my feet for a few hours today. I'll have a few of these pitbike proto frames knocked out in a few days. If you're unfamiliar with "pitbikes", its kind of a stupid concept: A super-small kids frame that's built well enough that it can be ridden by a disproportionately large person. Just for the novelty of looking/feeling silly riding 16" wheels... I hope I get to fart around on one.

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