Saturday, September 28, 2013


Sometimes I make a standover that is too tall or something and I end up with aborted front triangles laying around. I decided to experiment with rectangle tubing as a yoke/monostay.

Rectangular tubes are much easier to work with than round tubes: No tube blocks required for hole saw notching, and the stay miter is a flat cut. That little tube insert is for looks but it probably helps stiffen up the mono-stay a little too. This type of stay would work well with removable chainstay brakes as the square tube is low profile and doesn't present any clearance issues (like a 1.5" round mono-stay does)

This is a trails 22" wheeler that will be for sale once I get around to coating it. Here are the numbers:

 21" TT
74.25* HA
13.75" CS
68mm Mid BB
Straight gauge DT/ Supertherm TT
12.6-12.9" BB height (+1.55")

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