Thursday, December 11, 2014


 X-mas present on its way: 24" BMX. 74.5 HA and 14" chainstay (13.75" slammed with small 2.0 tire)

 Blue vein Stout 24" fork
 I've been swapping parts around and decided to try the Ti frame out as a dirt jumper. I aimed for it to be a do-it-all frame but it has worked out surprisingly well as a single speed (despite the vertical dropouts). I used a pre-stretched chain and my normal gearing and its sitting tight. The longer 15.75" chainstay and lower BB height make it harder to manual on the street but I was on the back wheel through rollers at the trails with little effort. The lack of a HT gusset and the .89mm thick (thin) downtube have me a little cautious. I would have preferred to build with a 1mm or 1.2mm thick downtube but they weren't available when I built this frame. I have a new welding machine with a better pulse function that I intend to use for some Ti BMX race frames soon.

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