Sunday, March 1, 2015

broke off

Bike Night

This action sports photographer Scott Raymond got some good shots of some guys on Stouts and affiliated brands:

Jason Harris handplant 180 the spine!
 Mikes first ride at the park on his trails Stout
 Willis jumps over a sad man with a beer and broke hands

An over rotation sent me to flat and left me with two bad wrists. Don't know how long I'll be out but I sprained or broke something in this left hand. I'll have to get someone out here to lift the powdercoat cart once the weather dries out.

I did manage to get some riding in on my 4.3" bars and the difference in stiffness over butted one-piece bars was immediately noticeable on the race track. I didn't realize it but the flex in the old butted bars killed my confidence when pulling up over doubles and rollers. I cleared a few doubles that I was hesitant to try with my old bars. Then I used that confidence to sink an eight foot putt, nailed my presentation at work and lost all the weight. I'm pretty stoked on these bars



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