Saturday, May 23, 2015

Titanium 24 racer.

My guess was off by .1 lbs, its going to be 2.9 lbs with a seat stay brace.

A few years ago I sent a trail frame out and the customer expressed a general concern over the two piece seat tube. What looks like a few tubes welded end-to-end is actually called a seat collar (which is pressed in and fusion welded). Think of it as a way of custom single butting a tube. These are ubiquitous in custom frame building.

Slowly getting there on Ricks Ti frame, very stoked on how its going so far. I was worried that the smaller headtube would distort (Ti distorts much more than 4130) but my new heatsink purges kept it in shape. Could have been done sooner but the rain has made life suck this week. I had to evacuate yesterday due to a potential levy failure up the street. There are people in a worse boat (cars) up in Travis county. Austin's creeks just got hit pretty hard. In the background is a fully submerged 12th St skatepark. 

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