Thursday, December 8, 2016

AZ adventure time

This one was the Hangover trail in Sedona. We also hit the Fins in West PHX and something called Secret trail in the Mcdowell Mtns. Lots of climbing this trip. I have figured out that the Marzocchi55 that I have on this old Kona is at least 2.5" shorter than the 66 that it was designed around (despite only an inch in travel difference). The result of this is a pretty steep head angle that kills confidence when descending steep /rocky trails. I've resolved to get a DH fork for it and build up a few other trail bikes in the near future.

 This corner, under the nose shaped rock, had a flat, icy ledge. Ten feet below that are a dead tree and a large rock to keep you from hundreds of feet of exposure, should you slip.
 Those corners have serious consequences (death or worse). Tony rode most of them while I didn't think I was low enough for many of them. It is tough to pedal with one's seat post in bottom out mode. The possibility of tagging a bar end and tipping over at low speed had me worried there, and I wanted my seat low on those corners.

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