Thursday, April 13, 2017

 I put a gusset on the ST/TT as the chainstays are dimpled for right and left drive and are consequently a little flexier than normal.

 Jacob's 4.5" and stem

 Some wasted shop time this week included welding the cast iron wedge guide that broke off one of my small machining vises. This takes time as it requires preheating and letting the weld arc sit for a lot longer than steel (to prevent immediate cracking). Then the work has to be wrapped up in a leather cover to keep the heat in until it cools down as slow as possible.

I've started over on Brian's frame already. The one below has a slacker (72.5*) head angle than it was supposed to (74*). One of the head angle guides was sitting a few degrees off while I measured the head angle initially. It will be a rideable frame as there are other BMX frames with the same head angle or slacker. 

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