Monday, March 10, 2014

Fastest, most energy efficient bike I've ridden at the park. The 73* HA was perfect for 24" wheels. I suspect it has to do with fork offset and trail but all I can say for sure is that I much prefer it over 74.5*. It feels similar to a 74* HA on the 22" wheels. I don't recommend these Alienation rims for heavy dudes, as they are a bit flexy. I'll probably switch to a Hazard rear rim soon.
 I couldn't wait so I whipped a fork together from some thick tubes I had laying around: 2.15mm thick steerer with a welded on race, 1.125" dia .058" legs butt welded with gussets, and a nut welded in the left side dropout/tube for the peg.
 The peg on the left attached to a separate 14mm hollow axle
 Quick little steel seat post made from old parts

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