Thursday, March 6, 2014

Still gearing up for Ti frames. Ti requires backpurging throughout the welding process, a huge gas lens and a strict sterilizing procedure. 

Those who make high end Ti frames use an Ultrasonic cleaner to do a thorough sterilizing job, so I'm making space for one of these:

In other news, I'm slowly building a few more bikes for myself. A fat/sandbike and this 24" parkbike:

73 HA, 72 SA
22.3" Top tube
14.25 CS
13.15" BB height with the big 2.4" tires
True Temper Butted top and DT
I chose a pretty slack head angle as the others I'v built/ridden were 74-75 and felt too steep. 

I might put this one up for sale on Pinkbike if the fork parts don't get here soon enough. There was a hiccup getting fork legs bent, so I might be on the look out for a local source. I am also looking into investing in a nice hydraulic tubing bender.


  1. Sorry about the fork leg delay we've been having. We might have a fix in hand come Sunday, so here is hoping to get those things done up.



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