Friday, June 19, 2015

Fat fork finished

For anyone that hasn't ridden a fatbike: It is much like riding a suspended bike. At 7-10 PSI, the tires soak up roots as well as any FS bike, and they float on top of sand, mud and snow. They don't accelerate as quickly, and taking quick/last second turns is tougher than on smaller tires. But the ability to ride up and down sandy/muddy banks and through swamp trails is a huge benefit.

these Origin8 4" tires float pretty well, and have 120 TPI (the best thread count available) but I am curious about the larger ones. I might try some 4.8"s in the future.

1 comment:

  1. those bars are the simplest bad ass aesthetic improvement to bars i think ive ever seen. i like the bends you offer on your bars in batch... 3*up-7*back.

    inquiry: would you be able to do bars like these pictured in a 5.75 rise and 30"width?

    also would you be able to do a matching fork, with the perpendicular tubes at the bends, for a 24" BMX race cruiser?

    if possible then please send me a quote to my email. thanks man. really nice work!