Friday, July 3, 2015

 New flat white color, looks like egg shell up close.
 I've amassed about 60 powder colors. Just ask for a hue and I've probably got it.
 Re-coated Jackson's T1 frame with a Maroon/fine flake and a clear coat. Should be much tougher than the clear that had been on it.
 Been a while since a DJ frame has gone out. This one has a 44mm inset headtube (for a tapered steerer) and a 1.75" downtube.
I will take some time to make some "stock" DJ frames with some Stout stay braces. Those will have my geometry: 69 HA, 74 SA, 15" CS, 25mm BB drop. I'll also have some 3" and 4" rise bars going (3* up and 7* back four piece bars).

We got just enough rain to ruin the weekend. I've been skunked the last three times that I tried to ride dirt or skateparks by ill timed showers. I'm going sand riding or taking a trip to Austin as soon as possible.

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