Monday, May 1, 2017

 Bill's fork needs dropouts. They're oldschool dropouts so I'll be turning cutting discs into a fine breathable powder tomorrow.

Vic's frame should be close to done tomorrow night

 The 22" forks are good to go
Thomas's bike feels perfect other than the brake cable that needs to find it's stretched point. I bought Renthal grips for the bike but, for the second time, they were much thinner and shorter than they appeared. So it has some of my old lock-ons. I would have gone for the Fly Ruben grips but they are less ubiquitous than they used to be.

My 26BMX thing has turned out to be a winner. Being further up over the frame makes it want to whip around. The lower BB height (20mm drop) and slack 72 head angle makes it as stable as a normal DJ 26" MTB. The only downside is the lack of security that suspension would provide (while overshooting or casing a jump). 

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