Saturday, May 6, 2017

Forward Geometry?

65 Head angle. 64* with a 160mm fork... still not as slack as others have made apparently. Ryan has made this easy and specified this thing down to the millimeter.
 The ThermlX tubing is more expensive, has slightly less impressive tensile strength numbers than Supertherm but does weld much better than Supertherm: About 4-5 years ago, the Supertherm tubes became more difficult to weld (inexplicably). I've had to do a technique of pushing the filler at the coped tube to prevent overheating and prevent a little notch that wants to develop. The ThermlX that I used here is thinner than the Supertherm but it welded just like 4130, with a big puddle (no funky heat control techniques required)
 It'll need thin seat stays to hit the sub 6 lbs mark. It is currently 4.8 lbs and would still need the stays, a brake tab, gusset(s?) housing mounts, an ISCG mount, ketchup dispenser and the cigarette holder. I'll probably drill out and whittle down the stock ISCG mount

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